Standards? Ha!

‘What is Common Core’ is a blog I’m just now becoming familiar with, dealing with the so-called “Common Core” standards in public education.  I’d encourage anyone with kids who are being educated to catch up on this blog, but right now I want to highlight this post (h/t Holly Hansen):

“That first day my husband picked up the flyer and asked me, “What is Common Core?” To be honest, I had no idea. We looked it up online. We read that they were standards for each grade that would be consistent across a number of states. They were described as higher standards, internationally benchmarked, state-led, and inclusive of parent and teacher in-put. It didn’t sound like a bad thing, but why hadn’t we ever heard about it before? Again, did I miss the parent in-put meeting or questionnaire… the vote in our legislature? Who from my state had helped to write the standards? In consideration of the decades of disagreement on education trends that I’ve observed regarding education, how in the world did that many states settle all their differences enough to agree on the same standards? It must have taken years, right? How could I have missed it?”

Read the whole thing:  A Mother Speaks Out: Children For Sale – Guest Post by Alyson Williams.