There’s a chance you landed on this blog today looking for a political post of some kind. That blog retired a few years back, sad to say. The circumstances that led me to starting and running a political blog have shifted, I find that while I have a lot to say on the issues I’m not as interested in sharing them, and Blue Dot Blues is no more.

But I still have a WordPress account, and I’m still online. This is a new project, and I’m not at all sure where it’s going to go.  (Podcast?  That’d be fun) I’m starting here, though, safe in the known world of blogging, to talk about movies.

There are blogs and podcasts galore that talk movies. What will be different about this one? I’m going to talk about movies that fly under the radar – classic films that get air time, but aren’t considered “essential” or have made anyone’s top 10 lists. These are movies that might feature movie stars you know, but also might not. It’s the middle-of-the-day, late-at-night movies on Turner Classic Movies that I’ll dive into here.

I didn’t go to film school. I am not a filmmaker, nor am I a professional historian. I’m just a fan of movies and a particular fan of old movies. My interest in the topic dates to childhood, but started in earnest when I was reading film biographies and histories in high school. You can’t really read about Louis B. Mayer and Jack Warner and not come out of it interested in movies, to be honest.

How often will I update? We’ll see. Lots going on these days – when isn’t there? – but this is a hobby I enjoy, so I’ll get stuff up as often as possible.

And now, on with the show.

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