A Yank at Eton – 1942

It's 1942, and one of MGM's go-to stars is 22-year-old Mickey Rooney.  There's a war on, but that isn't stopping MGM from making schmaltzy pictures about plucky teenagers, and no one played plucky better than Rooney.  Breaking their mold just a bit, they took all-American Rooney and set him smack dab in a fish-out-of-water tale... Continue Reading →

A Sea of Grass – 1947

Recording movies to watch them later is an old habit, one I've had since I was reusing the same VHS cassette over and over again, watching and erasing films or television programs regularly.  The age of the DVR (digital video recorder) is a great one for those of us who say, gosh, I want to... Continue Reading →

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