Proposition 9

Proposition 9:  SJR 42 by Huffman   The Texas Constitution creates the State Commission on Judicial Conduct which is responsible for ensuring Texas judges comply with constitutional standards of conduct.  Current law only allows for the commission to issue an order of public censure of a judge after a formal proceeding.  The constitutional amendment will … Continue reading

Proposition 8

Proposition 8:  HJR 147 (SJR 54) by Guerra   Repeals the Hidalgo County Hospital District from the Texas Constitution.     Supporters Say: Hidalgo County does not currently operate a hospital district because the Texas Constitution caps the potential hospital district’s maximum property tax rate at a rate that is well below the maximum tax … Continue reading

Proposition 7

Proposition 7:  HJR 87 by Munoz   Allows for a home-rule city to amend its charter to determine its method of filling a vacancy on its governing body through an election to fill a vacancy of a term of under 12 months.  Current law requires a city to hold an election within 120 days of … Continue reading

Proposition 6

Proposition 6:  SJR 1 by Williams   This constitutional amendment creates the constitutional State Water Implementation Fund for Texas and the State Water Implementation Revenue Fund for Texas.  Both of these funds will be special funds in the state treasury and funds will not subject to the state spending limit.  These funds will be administered … Continue reading

Proposition 5

Proposition 5:  SJR 18 by Carona   The Texas laws related to home equity loans are contained entirely with the Texas Constitution.  Recent federal legislation has allowed a person to purchase a new residential homestead and obtain a reverse mortgage simultaneously in a single transaction.  This constitutional amendment would allow for a reverse mortgage in … Continue reading

Proposition 4

Proposition 4:  HJR 24 by Charles Perry   Allows a disabled veteran to receive a homestead exemption equal to the percentage of their disability rating for a home that has been donated to the veteran by a charitable organization at no cost to the veteran.  Home builders and charitable organizations have donated homes to disabled … Continue reading